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I would just like to take this opportunity on this historic day, to welcome everyone to my new website. This promises to be a blog like no other and one that can be used as a valuable source of information for those interested in technological advancements. We will provide our visitors with something unique and something that can’t be found on any other web source.

lab automation web development

I have worked as a software engineer in the lab automation industry and have seen huge changes in how this industry has evolved, in terms of its willingness to adopt an online approach. Machines in the laboratory historically store their data on local media which can only be accessed from the lab vicinity. This has many limitations in how users can access the test data and process it, limitations which cost the industry hundreds of thousands of pounds each year.


We live in an era where we can access our pictures, e-mails and videos from anywhere in the world, yet those accessing lab data have to be on site to gain access. Given that most large chemical agencies have offices all over the world, this makes it very hard for teams from different areas to collaborate on the same projects. Each company really needs a secure web portal where scientists can gain access data and discuss that data on a shared medium.

This is where the world of lab automation meets the world of web-design. Developing web solutions that help increases the availability of these machines is essential in a world where more and more people are working together in diverse locations. Using protocols and programming languages that securely achieve our goals is a must. This website looks at many ways in which this can be achieved and what was once thought of as science fiction could very soon become science fact.


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